How to Lose Belly Fat For Women


If your goal is to get rid of fat around your stomach, you’re probably wondering exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Unfortunately, reducing belly fat isn’t as simple as doing three ab workouts a week; ab workouts alone won’t cut it. Instead, you’re going to have to focus on two important factors: your exercise routine and your nutrition; more to come on both.

To find out how to lose belly fat, POPSUGAR spoke to Tiffany Chag, MS, RD, CSCS, a sports performance specialist and sports dietitian at the Hospital For Special Surgery’s Tish Sports Performance Center.

According to Tiffany, losing belly fat doesn’t require making drastic and restrictive changes. Instead, it’s about training smart, eating healthy foods, and being consistent. If you’re ready to lose belly fat, start with this simple guide.


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