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The Condom Club will provide free items and tips for safe sex.

Condoms, lube and more sexual wellness items and tips will be available to students with a free subscription to the Condom Club. 

“I think it’s a good idea,” said sophomore Ceci Barr. “Safety is definitely important.”

The Condom Club is hoping to take on subscribers mid-October and provide free and discreet items and tips for safe sex said Suzannah Rogan. 

Barr believes that this will positively impact the Doane community. 

Students can subscribe to the Condom Club and recieve a variety of sexual wellness items such as lube, condoms, dental dams and more as well as tips for safe sex. The Condom Club will deliver monthly orders or one-time orders to student mailboxes on campus, said Rogan. A form will be placed in the student mailboxes including a questionnaire about sexual practices so orders can cater to individual lifestyles. Students can also manage subscriptions through this form by re-submitting it to increase or decrease the amount of products in the order, putting the subscription on hold and canceling subscriptions. 

“According to our National College Health Assessment Data, we know that students do not use condoms as much as they should on campus,” said Rogan. “By providing a discreet and private membership, people do not have to deal with stigma or embarrassment of purchasing condoms or having someone see them purchase condoms.” 

Condom Club is a service of Generation Sexual Health and Political Change (GSHPC) at Doane. President, Nell Piper, and Vice President, Leo Mora, believed that bringing the Condom Club to campus will improve students sexual health and knowledge about safe sex. Piper and Mora were immediately interested in the Condom Club because of how well it falls in line with the mission of GSHPC. 

“Our anticipated launch date for the form is mid-October and we are hoping for our first mailbox delivery to be at the end of October,” said Rogan. “However, we do understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, but we promise to be as transparent as possible if we run into a snag at all.”

Student subscriptions to the Condom Club are free. GSHPC has their own budget as an organization but is also planning to partner with Wellness and request special allocations from Student Congress to fund the Condom Club, said Rogan

“At the end of the day, we just want to ensure that students are having safe, consensual sex,” said Rogan.


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