Four creative women give tips on how to wear Burberry’s new foundation


Hairstylist Cyndia Harvey, food artist Laila Gohar, artist De La Rosa and stylist Mia Kong are four women who spend their lives navigating the world. Harvey assisted the likes of Sam McKnight, before forging her own incredible career in hair; Gohar, is one of the most sought after chefs in fashion, known for her edible sculptural installations. De La Rosa, a Madrid-based artist, is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance, exploring identity in the digital age; whilst Mia Kong, who lives in New York, was recently appointed style director of the newly launched Dazed China.

Last week, Burberry Beauty launched its latest product: Matte Glow Foundation. Using a second-skin formulation, it has been hailed as a new generation of foundation that perfects and mattifies the complexion with high-coverage – whilst providing a coveted, natural glow. If this weren’t intriguing enough, the product also comes in 30 shades, and is humidity and pollution resistant. What could be a better product for the seasoned traveller? 

Each has demonstrated how to wear My Matte Glow in four personalised ‘get ready with me’ routines, inviting photographer Benedict Brink into their studios and homes. Here, they shared their application techniques and the things that make them glow besides the product itself. And the reviews are in: whilst Harvey raved about the foundation’s radiant, full coverage, Gohar noted that “you feel like your skin is breathing,” teaming her Matte Glow with a punchy red lip. Kong, who lives in New York and is often battling with the city’s humidity, spoke of Matte Glow’s staying power. “It’s very comfortable, but gives full coverage, and lasts a long time in the heat of the New York summer,” she says. 

Whilst De La Rosa also praised Burberry Matte Glow, she reminded us of one very important life mantra: the thing that should make you glow above anything or anyone else, is yourself. (But it’s always nice to have a bit of help along the way). 

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