Yoga Sequence To Ease Tensed Back Muscles After A Long Day At Work


Yoga Sequence To Ease Tensed Back Muscles After A Long Day At Work

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If you have hunched over your computer on an uncomfortable chair all day, chances are that your back muscles are going to become extremely tight. Besides, sitting all day also makes your lower body numb. Luckily, with a few yoga poses you can release the strain and stiffness of a sedentary job. Move slowly and mindfully through these poses, take slow, deep breaths and feel your muscle unknot one at a time. Also, remember to gaze at a point for better balance.

Uttanasana or Standing Forward Fold

Stand straight, and raise your hands as you inhale slowly. Then bend forward completely so that your palms touch the floor and your forehead touches your knees. If you cannot bend completely, bend your knees a little. Stay in this pose till you are comfortable. As you inhale slowly bring your arms above your head, raising your upper body. Then as you exhale, bring your arms down. Do not jerk up. Remember to rise up from the hips, without straining your muscles.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog

Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Place your knees and hands in a way that it touches the ground. Your hands should be kept perpendicular to the knees and shoulders. Now straighten your legs by pushing the hips out and stand on your toes. Push the floor with your palms and straighten your spine. In this position, you form a triangle like structure by making the ground as your base. Now, pull your hips down slowly and come back to the starting position. Fast Yoga or Slow Yoga: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Bitilasana Marjaryasana or Cat Cow Pose

Start on the hands and knees, such that your palms are below the shoulder and knees below the hip. Keep your back and neck straight in a table top position. As you inhale you lift your chin and chest towards the ceiling and sink the stomach towards the floor. Exhale and come to neutral table top position. It is best to widen your shoulder blades while performing this asana to avoid any kind of discomfort to the neck. Your head must be in line with the torso. Chocolate Yoga: How to Indulge and Meditate Your Way to Bliss!

Setubandhasana or Bridge Pose

Lie on your back, with bent knees and feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms by your sides with palms facing the floor. Now using your arms strength push your pelvis off the floor, towards the ceiling. Exhale as you do this. Keep your body lifted such that your neck and head are still flat on the floor and the rest of your body is in the air, similar to a bridge. Hold this pose for five steady, consistent breaths. How to Stand on One Leg: Yoga Tips to Help You Balance Yourself.

Viparita Karini or Legs Up the Wall

Lie down flat on the floor, near a wall. Now, raise your legs such that they are rested comfortably along the wall. Make sure the base of your back is touching the wall as well. Stretch your arms out on either side of your body and relax. You may choose to raise your chin towards the ceiling, but do not stress your neck while doing this. Close your eyes and breathe in deep allowing yourself to relax. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable.

Depending on your level of comfort and overall flexibility, choose wisely – only practice the poses that suit your needs at this time! Be sure to listen to your body and breathe deep as you flow.


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