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With the standard of beauty we have nowadays, makeup has already become almost like a necessity for every woman. With how makeups can boost one’s confidence, increase self-worth, improve socializing skills, and help one person become more productive, according to Our Everyday Life, no doubt customers are often caught in bait with it.

But, did you know that, though most people who love colors and makeups, which we often see in advertisements and media, are millennials or the teens, some seniors also have the passion for using beauty products too? Unfortunately, since there aren’t a lot of tutorials on how to use makeups that can fit their age, most of them are having a hard time using it.

With less to no idea on what to do when it comes to playing with art to create the best masterpiece on their faces, most of these seniors feel disappointed in the end. To do something about it and help improve their self-worth and confidence, Ariane Poole, a professional makeup artist, enumerated several ways to help seniors put their makeup to reveal their best features, as posted by Sixty and Me.


As a person ages, pigmentary changes inevitably occur in the skin of most people. This happens after melanocytes in the skin decrease in number.

One way to hide those discolorations and imperfection is a good primer. A primer is the best buddy you can give your skin to remove and even out imperfections as one faces the world. In choosing the best product, make sure to invest in a more tinted primer. This can give you the effects of the foundation and moisturize too.


Dark spots are also one of the things that naturally occur among seniors. Concealer is the perfect solution to hide these spots.

To choose the best concealer for your skin, make sure to purchase the one that is slightly darker than the shade you usually use. This shade would help you even out those marks without giving you an ashy look or make your face look cakey.

Makeups are precious, and almost every woman can attest to that. Despite that, there is but one thing you must never forget: you are already beautiful.

We are all created wonderfully and uniquely that your beauty is priceless. Given this reason, treasure, accept, and love yourself even more with or without makeup. You are worth more than gold no matter what your skin and face have turned out all these years.


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