Top Trump policy advisor wants focus on health care


Grogan met with leaders of large and small medical companies at a Mayo Clinic facility across from Target Center where President Trump will hold a rally Thursday night. Grogan said he unveiled an 800-page plan to the executives to deregulate the medical industry in ways that will eventually benefit patients.

Preparations underway in downtown Minneapolis for Trump rally

The move comes a week after the president signed an executive order Grogan said will strengthen the Medicare program. He said it’s likely the president will address that issue in his speech Thursday night.

“I would expect the president will make reference to the Democratic attempts to pursue ‘Medicare for all’ which will end being ‘Medicare for none,'” Grogan said. “Last week, the president was in Florida signing the executive order re-commiting this administration and the federal government to protecting and preserving Medicare for seniors, the people this program was set up for in the first place.”

Grogan advises the president on what key issues he should address, but it’s always up to the president to decide what he actually ends up saying on the campaign trail.

On Wednesday, about 100 Trump supporters protested outside the office of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey after they said he took steps to dissuade Trump from holding his rally in the city. However, Frey wasn’t in his office when the protesters arrived.


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