Post-workshop plans

We will follow the workshop with several engagement and dissemination activities. First, we will focus on scaffolding a feminist HCI community within the immediate CHI conference and its attendees. To this end, the artifacts created during our event will be showcased at the main conference along with posters that highlight key takeaways. Second, we will ensure that discussion and resource sharing continues amongst workshop attendees and other interested parties beyond the CHI event. Media content created during the workshop will be shared on the workshop website and a persistent mailing list will support future collaborations. Finally, we will report on our workshop activities and findings to the wider HCI community. Our broader dissemination will include a submission to the ACM interactions magazine outlining the shared goals and outcomes from the workshop; a special issue of a leading HCI journal to share workshop participants’ research. In addition, we will engage broader audiences in our work through other formats such as zines and podcasts.