Pre-workshop plans

Between February and May we will work with attendees to shape the focus of our workshop (specific phase of women’s health, specific technology or digital experience), identifying technologies and subjects within women’s health which participants are most motivated to ‘hack’. As areas emerge we will co-create a shared reading list (comprising texts as well as examples and cases) to help attendees engage with the workshop’s topics prior to the event. A significant component of our pre-workshop plan is to nurture the community of interested researchers to become inspired and gain momentum for working in this area.

We will utilize social media to initiate a conversation with women outside of the community around the technologies and subjects that our participants would most like to hack. Using our website as a central hub, we will collate resources which will be used in our hack event, while identifying materials and technologies that we plan to hack in the event. We expect that the data collected from social media and news channels will be part of the workshop. See workshop schedule here.