Workshop structure


Day 1

9:00 – 11:00 (Coffee break) Welcome and introductory session. Workshop attendees give a ‘lightening’ introduction – including background and their position in relation to women’s health and feminist HCI. We will revisit and recap the chosen topics and themes identified in our pre-workshop activities.

Pitch – a 5-minute pitch from each of the pre-selected topics/themes. Workshop attendees join their chosen group of interest and begin hacking activities.

Post lunchHacking!

15:00- 15:30 Check-in, obtain feedback and critique how the hack addresses the lived experiences collected through social media channels.

Proceed with hacking activities until end of the day.

Evening dinner

Day 2 will continue with the hacking activities. We will check-in at 11:00 with each group presenting their work-in-progress, obtain feedback from the rest of the group and critique their artifacts against the social media data. Following this, we will continue hacking activities, pre and post lunch until we have a formal presentation of artifacts mid-afternoon. Together, we will co-develop an agenda for taking the research forward and pledge commitment to action points. Day 2 will close with an informal evening social event.